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Meyer & Associates, LLC is a no-nonsense, intellectual property law firm in Denver, that caters to emerging and developing businesses, including entrepreneurs in the start-up phase. We are your straightforward and affordable path to protecting your company’s intellectual property: patents, trademarks, copyrights, and licensing.

About Us

Meyer & Associates, LLC is a boutique intellectual property law firm with emphasis on obtaining intellectual asset protection to complement businesses and make them profitable. Our mission is to help package the businesses for success and protect their intellectual assets.

We help businesses obtain and protect valuable intellectual property through patents, trademarks, copyrights, IP licensing and the new federal trade secret law.

We are uniquely qualified to handle your intellectual assets needs. With over 25 years of experience, our attorneys can help your business to obtain protection for all its intellectual property in the United States and abroad.

Patents Protect Unique Ideas. Is Your Idea Protected?

Patents protect your unique ideas which give your company a competitive edge in the global marketplace. Utility patents can be obtained on devices, chemical processes, drugs, methods, computer systems, and other inventions. Design patents protect the aesthetic look of an article. Patentable inventions must be novel, useful and non-obvious. Our patent attorneys with over 25 years of experience can help you obtain patents in the United States and abroad. Meyer & Associates, LLC is your straightforward and affordable path to quality patent protection.

Symbols for Success®

Trademarks Are Your Business' Window Into The World Marketplace

Trademarks are some of the most valuable intellectual property in the world. They are the harbingers of your business reputation. Trademarks instantly convey the origin and quality of goods and services which your company provides. A “trademark” is your company’s BRAND. Meyer & Associates, LLC can help you register your trademarks in the United States and abroad. We are your simple, low cost, quality legal solution to all your trademark needs.

Copyrights Protect Original Works

A copyright provides a competitive protection of original materials, whether they are advertising and marketing materials or computer coding specific to web or app function. Federal copyright registration is a grant by the federal government to an author or an artist of the right to exclude others from reproducing or copying their original work in the form of words, pictures, music, code, etc. Meyer & Associates, LLC can help you obtain a copyright registration in the United States and abroad. Secure your copyright, shield your brand.

IP Licensing & Technology Transfer Provide Great Commercial Value for Intellectual Property Assets.​

Licensing of Intellectual Property is a key to your business’ financial success. Your business’ ability to license protected technology and intellectual property assets of others can produce a quantum leap for your business over competitors. Let Meyer & Associates, LLC provide you with licensing strategies that minimize risk and have been developed over years of experience in the industry with large multi-national companies. Make your IP portfolio profitable.

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