A “Copyright” is Your Company’s Shield Against Your Competitors Coping Your Material. It is Valuable Intellectual Property which Gives Your Company a Competitive Edge


A copyright provides protection of original materials, whether they are advertising and marketing materials or computer software. Federal copyright registration is a grant by the federal government to an author or an artist of the right to exclude others from reproducing or copying their original work in the form of words, pictures, music, code, etc. You, as a copyright holder, receive the exclusive rights to reproduce your work, to distribute reproductions, to display and perform it publicly, to revise and prepare derivative works based on the original work, and to license or authorize others to do any of these things.

What Is Protected?

Copyright protects only the original particular expressions of ideas, NOT the ideas themselves. It is The Clever and Unique Way They are Presented Which Is Protected. The work must be original, i.e., not copied, and of sufficient creativity to be more than basic or elemental in nature.

Who Owns It?

Individual or joint authors of an original work are deemed the owners of the copyright, unless he or she is an employee of a business or a contractor to another with a written agreement that the work was made as a “work for hire.”

Copyrightable Works

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