® Is Your Company’s Symbol for Success


Your company has worked hard to earn a reputation for quality. Your trademarks are the harbingers of your reputation. Because of your company’s trademarks, you save thousands of dollars in advertising and there are thousands of sales calls you do not have to make. Your company’s trademarks instantly convey the origin and quality of goods and services which your company provides.

Trademarks Are Some Of The Most Valuable Intellectual Property In The World

The word “trademark” is used to describe certain types of Intellectual Property which include trademarks, service marks, trade dress, certification marks, and collective marks. Each type of mark is governed by certain legal requisites and may be assigned, sold or licensed. A trademark includes any word, name, symbol or device, or any combination, adopted and used by a manufacturer or merchant to identify goods and distinguish them from the goods of others.

Who Owns a Trademark?

The first entity to actually use a mark (or intended user with subsequent actual use within the statutory period) is considered its owner. In the corporate structure, the user is considered to be the corporation. Unlike some countries, in the United States, the first to register will not prevail over the first user. The owner of a trademark may license another to use the mark, dictating the nature and quality of the licensee’s goods or services bearing the mark. Similarly, the trademark owner may assign his mark to another party.

We are Your Simple, Low Cost, Quality Legal Solution to Your Trademark Needs.

Your trademarks and trade names are more than just assets – they truly are your Symbols for Success™. Meyer & Associates, LLC can help you register your trademarks in the United States of America and abroad.

Our Trademark Services Include:

  • Trademark Clearance Searches – U.S. PTO Federal Register and Common Law;
  • Preparation, filing and prosecution of U.S. and foreign Trademark Applications;
  • Responses to Office Actions;
  • Filing proof of use for intent-to-use Trademark Applications;
  • Reporting Certificates of Registration;
  • Post-Registration Maintenance and Renewals of Trademark Registrations;
  • Preparation of Trademark Assignment Agreements and filing same with appropriate Office for recordation purposes;
  • Trademark License Agreements;
  • Trade Dress;
  • Trade Names;
  • Trademark Infringement;
  • Coexistence Agreements and Consent Agreements;
  • Preparation of and Response to Cease and Desist Letters;
  • Trademark Infringement Opinion Letters;
  • Docketing various deadlines throughout the life of your Trademark Registration;